How To Nail Your Next QBR

Just seeing the term QBR can make someone sweat. Although QBR’s can seem scary, they can be extremely beneficial. After reading this guide, you should see QBR’s as a way to get to know your client and their business better, and then jump right into your next one! 



Lessons Learned as a PPC Analyst

My six year Hanaversary is coming up, so I’ve been doing a bit of reflecting on what I’ve learned working as a PPC Analyst. I didn’t start out as an analyst, and didn’t always know this is where I would be at 6 years, but I’m grateful for the journey that brought me here. So whether you are just starting out in PPC, whether you are a seasoned account manager, or whether you aspire to be an analyst, have no fear: I’m here to share some lessons.